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There’s an Italian expression, ‘Parla come mangi’, which means ‘Speak the way you eat’. It’s the recipe for a happy life, to speak simply and cook simply. To include all the good things – family, love, flavour, fresh ingredients, lots of garlic – and remove anything unnecessary.

That’s the essence of Zitimama’s. To provide simple, fresh, Italian-American-style baked pasta – to serve it fast and serve it with gusto. We’re the Nonna brand. Loud and proud. The one with the sauce-stained apron and a big smile, who welcomes everyone to the table with a big bowl and a big spoon. And you’re not getting up until you’ve eaten every bite.

Real Secret Ingredient

Pasta has been missing from the fast food menu for too long. We’re going to bring it back: with new technology, new recipes, new techniques and new ideas. Our restaurants will offer fast, consistent, fresh pasta, but also warmth and heart and character.

That’s the real secret ingredient.

Tomato-Powered energy of an Italian-American kitchen

Zitimama’s guest experience is experiential, entertaining and fun. We channel the noise and bustle and tomato-powered energy of an Italian-American kitchen. Our restaurants embody a loud, welcoming, energetic vibe, with a personality that fills the kitchen from edge to edge. It’s pots banging. It’s kisses on both cheeks. It’s big bowl of comfort food

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We are Closed on 26th December 2022

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